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One of our very important project is "No Person Left Behind"

Press Release for DBS Feb 17, 2006

 Each year Floridians with disabilities must be prepared for what Mother Nature brings forth to us in the way of Hurricanes and other disaster.

 This year we are encouraging all seniors and persons with disabilities to voluntary register with “No Person Left Behind”.

“No Person Left Behind” is a program with 4 main goals:

·       100% accountability of all seniors and persons with disabilities

·       Identify basic needs for these individuals

·       Educate seniors and persons with disabilities and families on disaster preparedness

·       Empower seniors and persons with disabilities to take control of their disaster planning

We want to be able to provide each person with disabilities the education material and tools, so that they can become better informed and educated as to what to do in a hurricane or during a disaster and then after they have learned what to do, then empower them to take control of there disaster plan and follow through with it.

By voluntary registering your now able to help yourself and others plan, and to create plans for the safety for all disabled Floridians.  It also lets us know where you’re at in case you decide to shelter at home.  Also if you decide to evacuate you can let us know so that we know that you and your family are accounted for and safe.  After a storm when checking in with us and you need assistance we can direct you to the correct recourse for your needs. 

This is not a special needs shelter registry.

You may register at and click on ADA "No Person Left Behind" Hurricane Registration Form - Fill in online

If you need to print this form for others you may do so by going to ADA "No Person Left Behind" Hurricane Registration Form  -   pdf format - fill in and mail to address on form

If you have questions or need assistance in creating your family disaster plan, please feel free to contact your local DBS office or Linda Carter at 239 368 6846 or email:

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This program does not supersede the local Eoc’s “Special Needs Programs” but rather enhances it when used in conjunction. If you require special needs at a shelter, please also register with your local EOC and their special needs programs. Lee County as well as other EOC’s accepts no responsibility for services offered, or claims made by “No Person Left Behind”.

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