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Safe Travel Guidelines
for seniors and persons with disabilities


When seniors and persons with disabilities travel, they need to consider some special guidelines when visiting hotels, motels, and other facilities. 

Why do I need to read this guideline?

  • If you are a person with a disability traveling or visiting or staying in a public facility this guideline is for you.

  • If you are a event, or conference planner this guideline is for you.

  • If you are a member of hotel or motel management this guideline is for you.

Below is a booklet that you can use as guidelines or for reference.

Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Emergency, Disaster and Travel Guidelines

For those who are hearing impaired or deaf the following booklets are available for you to use as reference. They should be in the hotel or motel hearing impaired communication kit but if you want a copy please feel free to download.

Hotel or motel Minicom IV TTY

Hotel or motel Gentex PhotoExlectric type Smoke Alarms 710LS/713LS
Gentex-710LS 550-0060-13.pdf

Hotel or motel Telephone Headset Amplifier Model HA-30/40

Alertmaster AM-6000
The All-In-One Wireless Notification System


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This program does not supersede the local Eoc’s “Special Needs Programs” but rather enhances it when used in conjunction. If you require special needs at a shelter, please also register with your local EOC and their special needs programs. Lee County as well as other EOC’s accepts no responsibility for services offered, or claims made by “No Person Left Behind”.

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